Flying Concept Vehicle | Concept Art Test

Aufbruch Bayern | Landscape Development

Aufbruch Bayern | Assets

Aufbruch Bayern | Interface Icons

80 days | Spaceship Conept V.1.0

80 days | Spaceship Conept V.2.0

80 days | Pilotbay Detailing [Spaceship Conept V.1.0]

80 days | Pilotbay Construction [Spaceship Conept V.1.0]

80 days | Pilotbay Hologramm Illustration [Spaceship Conept V.1.0]

The final concept artwork of the pilotbay interior with the map- desk hologramm. The content should make the design and the functionality of the hologram visible. A brief sketch (on the right) was given. The alien character was posed and rendered by Christian Bumba.










Energetika | landscape development [axionometric view]

For the online simulation game “Energiespiel 2010“ I worked as production designer. The main focus was to build the island Energetika in axionometric view for the flash developers. The final output is 2D but the topography of the environment should simulate height to prevent just having a flat surface. In order to keep a constant axionometric

view I created the island structure in 3D to render out a 2D template as starting point for painting in Photoshop. The island structure resembled the German map in terms of resources, lowland and mountain position, energy, traffic allocation. This should support a precise basis of data for the outcome at the end of the simulation.

Energetika | landscape development steps [axionometric view]

First I created a top view map of Energetika with all content related information of the island [Cities, maximum numbers of powerstations, streets, rivers, ...] to make sure the island size is big enough to cover all the needed Assets which can be placed by the Player around the surface. The island had to be broken down into a grid to give the developers the possibility to implement all graphic content into their system. The correct size was very important because later on all assets (cities and power stations) had to fit into the grid without being to small or to big in re- lation to the browser screen size. Therefore I chose to work with a 30 x 30 square pixel grid.

Energetika | power plants

The Player can build every existing power station and also those which might exist in the near future. Therefore I created icons of the current power stations which immediately should give an impression what kind of structure the stations have without integrating to much complexity. Some stations do not exist currently. So I had to design them due to the information available. All stations are built in 3D to keep control of the axionometric view. The different stations had to be categorized to a field size in terms of how big they are in reality and their importance of current use. This field size had to match with the established size of the island Energetika.

Energetika | cities [static assets]

The cityscapes and the allocation on the game field resemble the German landscape. Compared to the power stations the towns are static assets which only have a small amount of animation characteristics (eg. light on, light off andincreasing number of solar panels). The cities are composed of different icons which represent factors like private household, industry and office buildings. Every city has the same grid size of 90 x 90 pixels. Thus the size is mainly displayed by the arrangement and the amount of the icons. To prevent a uniform building structure on first sight most cities contain some additional unique item like (television tower, bridges, town gates, churches, ...)

Energetika | cinematic intro construction

The game starts with a cinematic intro. It gives the player information about the story and leads him to the starting point of the game. For the intro I developed the background scenes. Ten images had to be finished within a tight deadline. To keep control of the needed scenes and the content consistent within each shot I created the complete area in 3D with all buildings and objects. Accordingly the cameras were set into the scene ready to render the required shots predetermined by the storyboard. 

Energetika | cinematic intro [backgrounds]

Elektra | areal shot of the villa & laboratory

For the learning game Elektra I have created an areal shot of the game setting. The villa was redetermined but all additional elements had to be added into the scene. The final artwork should define the lighting mood and environment setting, which should resemble the Italian Toscana.